How your hobbies can improve your femininity

How your hobbies can improve your femininity

When trying to be a feminine woman, I think it’s important to look at how you’re spending your free time. 

Oftentimes, we can get so caught up in all of the entertaining content around us, that we forget to use that time on things that really matter.

With constant things to view on social media, and endless things to watch on streaming services, our free time can end up being wasted on unfulfilling content.

In the past, when social media and streaming services weren’t as prominent, people had to spend their spare time actually doing something. Watching television was a reward that they could enjoy maybe once or twice a week. But they didn’t have the luxury of binge watching entire seasons or movie series online. They didn’t have the luxury of constantly reading social media posts throughout the day.

And maybe that was a blessing. Because it allowed them to spend their days more productively. 

As a feminine woman, it’s important to use your free time cultivating your femininity. The best way to do this is through your hobbies. 

Replace your daily binging of tv shows, movies, or online content, with more enriching things.

This isn’t to say that you can‘t enjoy entertaining content, but you should limit it to once or twice a week. Have a designated day of the week that you allow yourself to enjoy this type of content, and then spend the others days improving yourself and your skills.

When you begin nurturing yourself, growing your mind, and improving your skills, your life will greatly improve. 

Find hobbies that will help you to build your interests. What are some skills you’ve always wanted to have? Have several different hobbies in rotation so that you give yourself options. You may not feel like doing the same hobby every day. And this will give you the opportunity to grow in many ways. 

I’ve personally decided to have one day out of the week that I get to enjoy my favorite show, and videos. The rest of my week is spent doing hobbies such as learning French, growing my self-publishing business, and writing for my new blog. 

Your new hobbies could include cooking, art, creating music, learning a new language, exercising or learning some new physical activity, joining a social club, starting a small business, writing, sewing, or anything else you desire. 

Nurturing your mind in such a productive way will not only make you a more feminine woman, but it will also improve your life overall. You’ll be more prepared for the things you want, and you’ll be a much more interesting and well-rounded person because of it.

It’s difficult to grow your personality when your days are spent watching mindless content. This sort of entertainment is fun, but you haven’t improved after watching it.   

Why spend time watching other people live their lives, when you can go live yours? Those actors in your favorite shows or movies are already living in their dream life. The famous people on social media are already accomplishing their dreams. 

Instead of spending your free time watching them, spend it growing your life in a way that makes you proud.

This is what a woman does to stay in touch with her femininity. She grows herself, she nurtures her mind, and she lives productively, thus making her ready to share her best self to the world.

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