How to look pretty

How to look pretty and attract rich men

Here’s the beginner’s guide on how any woman can look pretty.


Your hair should always be done. My hair has a huge impact on my looks. I could keep the exact same makeup, body, and clothes, but switch my hair, and turn into a completely different woman. Never leave the house with bed hair, unless, of course, being pretty isn’t your goal. Always keep it groomed, styled, and clean.

​ A visit to the hair salon could do you wonders, especially when you get a cut and highlights professionally tailored to you.

I wouldn’t recommend tight, gelled back hair styles. Looser, softer looks tend to be more feminine, and pretty. Alternate between different styles, and see how you look in each. Your face shape can have a huge impact on how a certain style looks on you.


Clear skin should be a goal when trying to look pretty. Even if you like wearing makeup, clear skin will make it look a lot better. Focus on creating the perfect skincare routine for you.

I’ll create a future post on my current skincare routine, but here are some basics:

1) A good facial cleanser that isn’t too harsh for your skin type.

2) A nice toner (it’s not a requirement, but it helps to balance the ph levels of your skin, and helps to keep your skin clean after wearing makeup).

3) A serum dedicated to your skin problems. There are serums for helping with acne scars, aging skin, dry skin, and more. Find one for you.

4) A facial lotion. There are lotions for oily skin and dry skin, and its important that you choose one that works for your skin type.

5) Exfoliator. I’d recommend investing a good amount into a quality exfoliator. You want one that goes beneath the surface of the skin to clean it. I’d recommend only doing this weekly when starting out.

6) Sunscreen. If you’re out in the sun quite a bit, please invest in a good sunscreen (or at least a good hat). The sun makes you age faster, regardless of your skin complexion.

Those are the six basic tips for starting a good skincare regimen.

The products that you choose don’t have to be expensive if you’re on a budget, but they should still be quality products. Again, you can possibly skip the serum or toner if you must, but I wouldn’t advise skipping both.

Also, if you can afford facials, I’d recommend getting them at least once per month.


Your makeup should be simple. Remember, this is about looking pretty, not sexy. 

Brows. Your eyebrows shape your face, so you should always keep them nicely groomed. I know that the over drawn eyebrows are still quite popular, but I’d steer clear of them. Natural looking eyebrows look pretty on women.

Go get your eyebrows professionally shaped, and then lightly fill them in with a color that matches your hair. I made the mistake of using jet black because of my skin tone , but it turns out that dark brown was my perfect shade.

Eyes. I’d argue that focusing on your brows and eyes are the two main ingredients for a pretty makeup look.

My main focus is on elongating my lashes. Look for a quality mascara that’ll really bring out your lashes. Some women opt for fake lashes. If you go that route, please get natural looking ones. There’s never a reason to go for the longest, thickest ones, so stick to short or medium lashes.

Also, consider getting them professionally installed, unless you’re really good at doing your own. Otherwise, stick to your natural ones. There are even lash growth serums on the market to help you grow your own lashes to your desired length.

​I rarely wear eyeshadow and liner, because admittedly I’m not good at either. If you wear eyeliner, go for a thin line instead of an overdrawn wing.

If wearing eyeshadow, I’d highly recommend using a color that’s one to two shades lighter than your own skin color. I find that doing this looks more natural, and it really brings out my eyes.

If you prefer using colorful eyeshadow, remember this rule of thumb: Focus on your eyes or your lips, but never both. If you have a bold, colorful eye look, don’t also use a bold lip and blush, it’s too much.

As a side note, if you have oily / combo skin like me, buy an eye primer, it’ll change your life.

Lips. Always make sure that your lips are soft and exfoliated. A tinted lip balm or gloss will do if you want a slight color change. As stated above, if you want a bold lip color, avoid also doing a bold eye. 

When these three areas of your face are looking great, you’re pretty much all set. If you have clear skin you won’t necessarily need a foundation unless you want- in which case a tinted moisturizer,  bb cream, or a light foundation will do. If you’re still working on your skin, then a full coverage foundation will be best to cover up blemishes. 


This is probably my favorite part. Dressing feminine is the best way to look pretty. That means no more wearing sweats and yoga pants everywhere you go. Put on a cute dress or a skirt and blouse. Wear coats that are more feminine and fitted to your curves. 

Dresses. Feminine women wear dresses. Try out various colors and styles to see which ones best fit your body type and skin tone.

I’d steer clear of really tight and short dresses. Again, the goal is pretty not sexy. If you’re going to go with a short dress, then make sure that it’s loosely fitted. If you want a tight dress, choose a longer length. If your dress shows a bit of cleavage, then it should be both long and loosely fitted. 

Skirts and Blouses. The same rule applies hear. If your shirt is tight or shows a bit of cleavage, then your skirt should be longer and loosely fitted. If you skirt is tight, then your shirt should cover more cleavage. Again, try out different skirt styles, different body types look best in certain skirts. 

Tailored. I’d highly recommend getting your clothing tailored to your body. It can cost you anywhere between 10-60 dollars depending on what you’re altering.

You don’t have to get everything tailored, but if you see a cute piece of clothing that doesn’t fit you right, a few alterations can change everything.

Coats. Lots of ladies, myself included, opt for the biggest and most comfortable coats in the winter time. I’d recommend a nice fitted coat that is long in length. You can always wear layers if you’re really cold.

If you really need a thick coat, try one in a feminine color. I notice that many women wear black or dark coats, but a color change could really help you out.

Pants. Dressy pants that are fitted to your body are the perfect choice when shopping for bottoms. I would avoid wearing those tight leggings, workout pants, and really tight shorts.

I might make an entirely separate post about jeans. I’m not entirely against them, as I do believe that there are ways to make them more feminine.

However, I’d recommend wearing dresses and skirts more often than jeans. I notice a completely different interaction with both men and women when I wear dresses instead of jeans.

Shoes. Admittedly, I’m not the best at walking in heels, so I tend to go for flats. However, I’m working to improve that. When shopping for shoes, always go for heels, flats, dressy shoes, sandals, and stylish boots (for the winter time).

Unless you’re headed to the gym, I don’t see a point in wearing tennis shoes, they’re not very feminine. 

Undergarments. I notice a new found confidence when I wear matching and nicely fitted undergarments, versus when I’m not. If you can, I’d recommend investing in some quality undergarments.

Even if no one else sees them, you know they’re there. And besides, a big part of looking pretty is also feeling pretty.

One thing that is a must is finding a quality bra. If you’re a bustier girl like myself, getting a fitted bra changes everything. Wearing a bra that is too small under a fitted dress or top is not appealing (and not mention that it doesn’t provide good support).

Go get measured and fitted by a professional at least one time so that you can find the right bra for you. If your weight tends to fluctuate then I’d recommend doing this at least once per year. Not only will your clothes look better, but you’ll feel better too.

Jewelry. I tend to go for more simple jewelry styles. A rule of thumb is to choose a bold jewelry or a bold top / dress, but never both. If you’re wearing a colorful printed dress or top, then opt for a simple necklace or no necklace. If you’re wearing a plain dress or top, then you can go for a more bold necklace. 

I wouldn’t wear a ton of rings, one to two simple rings are good enough. A classic pair of gold or silver hoops are always great to have around. But unless you’re going to a fancy event, dainty, small earrings will do most days. A statement watch or bracelet is nice to have around. Jewelry is best used to dress up plain outfits, bold outfits never need as much jewelry. 


This may go without saying, but grooming is a huge part of looking (and feeling) pretty.

Hygiene. Shower daily, and moisturize your skin. At night, I like to add coconut oil after my moisturizer because my skin loves it. You know your skin best, so find what works best for you and stick to it. 

Teeth. Again, this goes without saying, but I’ll mention it just in case: Brush your teeth at least twice per day (both morning and night), and floss every night. Keep a travel toothbrush and some mints in your bag at all times. 

Perfume. This isn’t a requirement, but I highly recommend finding a perfume that mixes well with your natural body odors. The same scent can smell totally different on various people.

I wouldn’t spray more than two times (you don’t want to choke people). I’d invest in a more expensive perfume that lasts longer, and I’d avoid the extremely sweet and child-like perfumes. 

Nails. Please avoid the extremely long witch nails, even if they’re yours. Classy women tend to wear shorter to medium lengths.

Nude pinks and browns tend to look good on every woman. Even if you like bold colors, I would avoid those bright neon colors that have become trendy. 

Always keep your fingernails and toenails clean and manicured, as well as your hands and feet moisturized. If you can’t afford manicures, still keep your nails clean, polished, and neatly trimmed.

If you’re not into the upkeep of polished nails, then a clear color adds a perfect shine to plain nails.

Bag. A few tips for what to keep in your bag.

Always have the following:

Mints, disposable toothbrush, travel size perfume, travel size deodorant, travel size floss (for dinner dates), a pad or tampon (you never know when it’ll hit), blotting sheets (for makeup wearers with oily skin), a hand moisturizer, and a stain remover pen.

That’s all I can think of for now, but I’m sure there’s more. 

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