10 Etiquette mistakes to avoid while dining with wealthy men

10 Etiquette mistakes to avoid while dining with wealthy men

I have observed that some women don’t know how to conduct themselves when dining out. And if you’re used to dining at low-end restaurants, you may think that your behavior is normal.

However, if you’re dining out with a wealthy man (or new friend) for the first time, these tips below should be followed. 

This article isn’t about judging women who partake in this particular behavior, but it’s to help you if you didn’t realize that it wasn’t the norm.

And if you’re going on a date with a wealthy, successful man who is used to a certain lifestyle and way of behaving, it’s best to know these rules ahead of time.

Here are 10 quick etiquette mistakes to avoid when dining out with a wealthy man:

1. Don’t eat everything on your plate

Don’t scrape off bits and pieces of the leftovers on your plate. In fact, leave a bit of food there. You don’t want to come off as someone who rarely gets taken to nice dinners. Eat a small snack before you come to dinner. The rule is to never go on a date starving. Some upscale restaurants have several small course meals that they serve you, in which case eating all of your food may be fine.

2. Don’t take anything to go

Unless he suggests it to you, I wouldn’t recommend taking a to go plate or drink. Wealthy, upper class people rarely take food to go because they can afford to dine out like this all of the time.

Dining out at an upscale restaurant isn’t some special occasion that they rarely get to do, and you don’t want to make it seem as though it’s a once in a lifetime thing for you. If you want to come off as a classy woman, then don’t take anything to go.

3. Don’t speak loudly

Speak softly when you’re dining out with a wealthy, successful man. If you need to grab the waiters attention, call them softly, and if the waiter doesn’t hear you, let your date speak loudly for you.

This is about, not only being classy, but feminine. Being loud and crude isn’t very feminine at all. Speaking loudly, especially at an upscale restaurant that tends to be a bit quieter, just makes you stand out and seem like someone who isn’t used to that environment.

4. Don’t ever be rude to the waiter

This may seem obvious, but I’ve seen people being unnecessarily rude to their waiter. This isn’t very classy, nor attractive, especially when on a date. Be as kind as possible. 

5. Don’t order dessert or bottles

If you’re on a date with a wealthy man (he’s paying), don’t order dessert or bottles of wine/champagne unless he suggests it (a glass of something is always fine though).

If the waiter asks if you want dessert or a bottle, look at him and say, “I’m not sure yet, what do you think?” Don’t just add a ton of stuff to the tab that you aren’t paying for, unless he wants you to. 

6. Don’t order messy food

Avoid steaks, fried foods, or messy foods. Don’t order messy pastas, unless it’s a pasta shape that’s easy to grab with a fork (like conchigliette).

You want to appear high class and feminine while eating, which is why many women opt for sea food of some sort. You can order the other food that you love when you’re dining out with friends or alone, but not while you’re on a date with him.

7. Don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu

Some women do this while on a date with a wealthy man at a high end restaurant, but it can comes off as though she isn’t used to eating nicely and is trying to get the most out of this once in a lifetime moment.

There’s nothing wrong with ordering something expensive, but going for the priciest item should be avoided (unless he suggests it of course).

8. Don’t eat big chunks of food

Don’t chew with your mouth open. If he asks you a question while you’re chewing, put your finger up to signal that you need a moment.

I also recommend chewing in small, bite sized pieces so that you can easily chew and swallow them while in conversation. It’s also more classy to only put bite sized pieces on your utensil. This helps you to avoid getting food on your mouth, or stuffing your face.

9. Don’t reapply makeup at the table

The exception to this rule is lipstick. Pulling out a small compact mirror while applying lipstick is okay, and can even be quite sultry. Any other makeup, however, should be applied in the ladies room.

10. Don’t go without a dining method

The continental (European) dining style is preferred by many affluent people, and it makes you appear to be much classier. American style dining is still acceptable, but I’d recommend the former option. Not to mention that the continental dining style is much easier to learn.

If you read this, and found yourself guilty of doing any of these mistakes, it’s okay. The good news is that now you know what to avoid when you’re dining out with your wealthy man or friends. 

I’d like to share a quick story:
A woman told me that she recently went out on a date with a well-to-do man at a nice restaurant. As they were eating, he didn’t use any particular dining style, but she still decided to be a classy lady, and used the continental dining style. You want to know what he did? He switched to continental within a blink of an eye. 

The takeaway from this story is that men (especially men of means) do watch your behavior to see what type of woman you are. If you act like a classy, high-value woman, even when he isn’t showing the same behavior, he just might switch it up and treat you with more respect.

Remember, all men treat you how you treat yourself. Act like a classy woman, even when it’s not expected of you, and you’ll be treated as such.