Dear Ladies: Start building wealth now

Dear Ladies: Start building wealth now

There’s never been a better time to be alive. The amount of opportunities available to make money without even leaving your house are endless. 

I don’t care if you absolutely love your current job, you should still be building a side-income that’s independent of your job.

Your “secure” source of income could become un-secure at any point.

Would you still be able to live comfortably because you have a nice savings, and constant income that you built on the side? Or will will your stressed and frustrated, trying to figure out what to do to quickly make some money?

​ Wealthy people are known for having several streams of income. They’re never completely dependent on one source, and neither should you be. 

I recommend that you find a business idea that you’ll enjoy doing over a long period of time.

If you want to build a sustainable side business, while working a full-time job, be prepared to spend a longer period of time making it successful.

Someone who is completely jobless can spend double the hours on building a business, so it may take them less time to succeed. When this is something that you just work on part-time after work, it’ll take a bit longer, but it will pay off in the long run. 

Spend at least an hour per day working on your business. Before you start, do research, study how others have succeeded doing it, create a business plan, a marketing plan, and a schedule for when you plan to work on your business and try to stick to it.

There’s nothing worse than putting a bunch of time, energy, and investment in a business, just to realize that it wasn’t the right choice. Figure that stuff out before you invest in.

Choose something that you enjoy. There’s no point in creating a business that’s more stressful than your current job.

I want you to have the freedom of choice in your life. You should be able to wake up and choose your day. If you still choose to work at your current job even after you’ve built up your income, then great, but let it be a choice.

You can stop working if you want to. You can go on vacation when you want to. You can spend your time doing activities that you want to. You can spend quality time with family and friends if you want to.

When you have wealth, you have options. People say money doesn’t buy happiness, and that is partially true, but being broke isn’t a magical pill for happiness either.

Money allows you the freedom of time, which allows you to spend your time doing the things that you love the most.

 There’s enough room for all of us to build wealth for ourselves so that we can live a life that is meaningful to us. If you’re currently unhappy with your life or your job, start building a side-income.

It’s a lot easier today than it was a decade ago. The possibilities are endless.

Yes it will take time, but that time will pass by either way, so spend it doing something that will improve your future.

If your current situation isn’t what you dream it to be, imagine how you’ll feel in 10 years when you’re still in the same spot because you didn’t take action. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to spend my time working on my passion projects, traveling, meeting new people, working on philanthropic opportunities, and anything else my mind can conjure up.

I also strongly recommend building up your passive income. Investing your money, especially in real estate, is a great way to build wealth quickly in America.

You should have streams that earn you money in your sleep. You could be at the spa, or working out, and you’ll constantly be making money without even lifting a finger.

A lot of people recommend saving 10-20% of your income, and this is definitely good advice to take. However, the problem with focusing your energy on aggressive saving is that you’ll never have more money than you earn from your 9-5 job. You’re limited to the amount of money leftover from paying for bills and other necessities. 

When you focus your efforts on aggressive money making, you’re now opening yourself up to possibly earning much more money than you’d ever save. 

At the end of the day, having the money to spend on the things that you want or need (especially in emergency situations), is always something that you should be striving for.

Never be dependent on one source of income. You’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position. Put in the work today, so that you can have the freedom to enjoy the things in life that you’ve always dreamt of.