Relationship Advice: Go where you are celebrated

Relationship Advice: Go where you are celebrated

I once heard someone say, “Yes I have insecurities, but I don’t surround myself with people who mention them.”

You should feel the same way. None of us are perfect, but that doesn’t mean we need to be constantly reminded of every single imperfection.

A good friend will always give constructive criticism, because it’s necessary for growth. However, if there’s no constructiveness in that criticism, then they likely don’t have the best intentions for you.

You’re the driver in your life. So you should never feel guilty about having to remove people from the ‘car’ when it gets overcrowded with people who mean you no good. 

Sometimes you have friends and family who do mean the best for you, but their negative views and self-limiting beliefs are forced onto you. While you don’t have to cut these types of people out of your life entirely, you should keep your distance.

Find people who will support your passions and goals in life. They should compliment your physical beauty, and never try to tear it down. They should tell you about your great qualities, instead of picking out the bad. They should be excited by your success, and not intimidated by it. 

When you’re dating, only date men who uplift you. If he is constantly picking out negative things about you, then get rid of him. There are plenty of men in this world who will love you and celebrate you. And a classy lady will never accept less than that.

The thing is, the world takes you at your own value. If you behave like a classy, confident woman who deserves the best in life, other people will believe that too.

If you are insecure, and feeling like you don’t deserve much, then others will feel that way about you as well. People are constantly watching to see what types of treatment and behavior you’ll accept.

If you currently have people treating you poorly in your life, ask yourself why you keep them around? They couldn’t treat you that way if you cut them out of your life completely. Accepting this behavior is basically accepting that you deserve it (and you don’t, of course).

You can complain to them if you’d like, but a confident person would feel no need to argue or explain why they deserve better. Arguing is usually about two people who are looking for the other person to give them a reason to stay.

Never argue, just walk away. Your actions should show how much you value yourself. In result, the other person will either 1) Get their act together and treat you better, or 2) Disappear from your life. Either way, you should only be making room for the people who celebrate you.

The point is that you can’t expect others to value you more than you value yourself. Start celebrating yourself first. Start loving your own qualities first. Start believing you’re beautiful first.

If there is something that you’re really insecure about, then work towards fixing it. When you start to treat yourself like a classy, high value woman, you can no longer stomach others treating you any other way.

I once knew of two plus sized women. One would constantly make jokes about her own weight, and she’d complain about how she looked when people complimented her.

What happened in turn? People started feeling comfortable making jokes about her weight, because she was comfortable doing it to herself. The men she dated would also treat her poorly, because she felt negatively of herself.

The second woman was also plus sized, however, she was very confident. She carried herself with elegance and grace. You’d never catch her making jokes about herself; she only said positive things.

What happened in turn? I never heard others making jokes about her weight or even mentioning it. She was always receiving complements. The men she dated treated her with respect. You could tell she wouldn’t accept behavior that was less than that.

The point of me sharing these experiences is because your treatment of yourself is often the green light for others to treat you the same way. When you’re confident, classy, and you love yourself, you will only accept people who treat you with respect.

Go where you are celebrated, and run away from anything else.

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