How your appearance affects your femininity

How your appearance affects your femininity

The power of your femininity lies within. But what’s on the outside, can change how we feel inside. If you don’t look feminine, then you likely won’t feel it either. Not to mention that your appearance is always sending a message to others in some way.

There’s a reason why you’ll never see the royal women wearing sweatpants and T-shirts, or leaving their home with pajamas, even if for a quick outing. They fully understand how their appearance impacts the way others view and treat them. 

It’s easy to leave the house frumpy and unkept. It takes zero effort, which is why it isn’t valued. Most people understand the effort that it takes to leave the house dressed impeccably, and well groomed.

Anything that takes us effort, makes us feel good. And anything that’s easily handed to us, is usually not highly valued.

When you walk into a high-end, 5 star restaurant, versus a low-end restaurant, you immediately notice the difference. The high-end restaurants put more effort into their appearance, not only in terms of decor, but even with their staff and how they treat you. If they changed themselves to look like a low end restaurant that isn’t well taken care of, I’m sure they’d see a drastic difference in how their restaurant is perceived and treated by customers.

If you want the world to see you as a feminine and elegant woman, then you must not only express it through your personality, but through your appearance as well.

The world will treat you however you feel about yourself. When you carry yourself as a feminine, elegant woman, others will treat you as one. They’ll begin to hold you to a higher regard.

Anytime I’ve left my home in a rush, with no makeup, and ill-fitting clothes, there is a drastic difference in how I carry myself.

I don’t want to interact with people because I don’t feel my best. When I am forced to interact with someone, I notice myself acting in a less confident manner. When I see an attractive man, I find myself regretting that I came out looking so frumpy.

I even notice a difference in how others treat me when I’m dressed well and nicely groomed. I receive more smiles. More people start friendly conversations with me. Men show more interest, and open more doors for me. My entire day just goes a lot better, and in turn, I feel better. 

When you feel good internally, naturally everyone around you benefits. But you have to make sure that your outward appearance reflects how you want to be portrayed.

The best way to go about this is to look at the feminine women who you admire as you’re walking around, or looking online. If you admire something about their looks, most likely others do too. So find a way to recreate that look on yourself. 

When you take the time to improve your appearance in every way possible, not only will you see a shift in how others treat you, but you’ll see a shift in how you carry and treat yourself.