Want to date a wealthy man? Never leave the house frumpy.

Want to date a wealthy man? Never leave the house frumpy.

If you want to date a wealthy, successful man, then there is one rule that you must follow: Never leave the house frumpy.

Lot’s of women like leaving the house in sweatpants, yoga pants, workout clothes, and other trendy fashions. Their hair is unkept and messy. They don’t dress like a classy, feminine woman at all.

If you want to attract wealthy, high value men into your life then you must look and act the part. In today’s post, we are going to focus on looking the part.

A wealthy man can practically have any woman he’d like. And many men know that some women start to slack off on their looks once they get comfortable in the relationship. So, if a wealthy man see’s you looking frumpy while you’re single, he knows what to expect once you’re in a relationship. 

Getting a wealthy man means always leaving the house looking your very best. No slacking off, ever. You don’t have to overdress for the occasion, but you should still look great. You don’t have to wear high heels and a gown to the grocery store, but you can wear pointed flats and a nice sundress. 

I always say go for dresses. In a world where many women wear jeans, leggings, and sweatpants, you’ll stand out.

Masculine, high quality men love a feminine woman, and your first impression will always be based on looks since he doesn’t know you yet. What better way to signal that you’re a feminine, pretty woman than to wear a cute dress? 

Study the women who date wealthy men in your town. All you have to do is hangout on the wealthier side of town and observe what the women wear. Try to mimic their style. Even if those women wear pants, I still recommend putting on a dress because you’ll always catch more men’s attention.

A woman who is always well put together before she leaves the house says a lot about how she feels about herself. It shows that she cares. She could’ve left the house with minimal effort like other people, but she intentionally chose to put in the effort, and that speaks volumes.

You never know where you’ll meet your wealthy man. It can be while you’re shopping, at the dentist, pumping gas, eating out, or just walking around a nice area. You just never know.

Imagine if you chose to leave your house looking frumpy one day because you just didn’t feel like dressing up, and you’re just going to the store anyways. What’s the big deal? So you put your hair in a messy hairdo, you throw on your leggings and t-shirt, and head to the store.

Well in walks Mr. W (wealthy), and he catches your eye. You stare at him. Mr. W glances your way, but unfortunately he never glances your way again. You’re not his type. He couldn’t even imagine bringing you into his inner circle, and around his colleagues. 

You can’t get a million dollar man (or six figure) with zero dollar looks. Especially if you come from a poor background.

The good news is that most wealthy men could care less if the woman they’re dating is rich or extremely educated. Why do you think many of them end up with the secretary, or assistant? 

You must, however, put in a lot of effort into looking like a classy, feminine woman and behaving as such. Luckily, this is what this blog is here for. 

If you want to keep attracting men who can’t provide a lifestyle that you dream of, then keep dressing frumpy because you’re on the right path. Otherwise, upgrading your looks is a must in order to attract a wealthy man.

Make a vow to dress up every time you leave the house. Work on adding more dresses, heels, and dressy flats to your wardrobe. Always keep your hair clean and neatly groomed. Put on makeup. You don’t have to cake it on, as noted here, but you should at least wear some. The woman walking in the room with a nice, clean makeup look will always draw more eyes than the plain Jane.

Carry yourself as though you’re already dating a wealthy man. Look like the classy woman you’d be if you were already married to him. Then you’ll begin to attract that type of man into your life.

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