Why no lady should accept last minute dates

Why no lady should accept last minute dates

If you want a man to value your time, you need to stop allowing him easy access to it. 

If you’re dating a man and he asks you out on a last minute date, always decline. Never accept a same day date, I don’t care how innocent it may seem.

What you accept at the beginning of the relationship sets the tone for the rest of your relationship. You must make him value you and your time from the start.

If a guy online asks for you to meet him for drinks the day of, say no. If a guy invites you to a friend’s birthday party the day of, say no. If a guy asks you to do any activity the day of, say no.

This is also another reason why men grow bored of a relationship early on. I’ll make a future post about this topic, but the point is that giving men too much of your time at the snap of his finger is just too easy. You’ll start to find yourself being asked out for last minute dates more often. He may even cancel more often because he knows you’ll always be readily available when he wants to see you.

Don’t be offended when a man asks you out last minute either. Most of them are use to being spoiled by women who willingly accept these last minute offers, making the men think it’s the norm. This is why you’ll stand out, and be respected more than the other ladies. 

The actual reason for not agreeing to these last minute dates shouldn’t be explained. He just needs to know is that you’re too busy to hang out last minute. You have your own life outside of him.

This also means not giving him your entire schedule. It shouldn’t seem like your free time is centered around seeing him.

When you’re a classy, high value woman, you’re just too busy living life to be able to see a guy without notice. One to two days in advance isn’t acceptable because a classy lady has already made plans.

Think about it. If you were already living your best life, and enjoying it, why wouldn’t you already have plans for tomorrow and the day after? Maybe you’d be busy working on your business, hanging with friends, or anything else you envision for yourself. But you certainly wouldn’t be easy to get access to. 

Obviously, you don’t want to be too hard to get a hold of. He’ll begin to think you aren’t interested, so don’t overdo it. Try to stick to the three to four day rule, unless you’re actually really busy, in which case he’ll have to wait until you’re available. 

In order for your time to be valued by men, you have to value it yourself. Don’t give it away willingly by accepting last minute dates and hangouts. You deserve better.

P.S. This is just a sneak peak of a topic that I go into more detail on in my book The 7 Rules of Dating Rich Men.