Why waiting for the perfect man will keep you single

Why waiting for the perfect man will keep you single

There are so many women waiting for Mr. Right to come along and swoop them off of their feet. Maybe it’s due to romance films and Disney princess movies. 

I’m here to tell you the truth. The woman who sits around waiting, will always lose out to the woman who goes out and gets what she wants.

I think many people confuse patience with inaction, these are two very different things. Yes you should be patient, but you should also be taking action, or else what is all of this patience leading to? If you’re not taking action, you’ll likely get the same results you’ve been getting.

There are lots of great men out there for you to choose from, but you can’t meet them sitting on your couch. If you’re looking to attract a successful, high quality man, you won’t attract him by putting in zero effort into your looks.

You first need to come up with a list of things you’re looking for in your ideal man. Narrow it down to the must haves.

Next, you need to ask yourself what type of woman is your ideal man looking for? Physically speaking, what would he be attracted to in a woman? What types of qualities would he be looking for in his dream woman?

If you’re missing any qualities, work towards improving yourself. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be dating though. I find that when you date while improving yourself, it tends to quicken the process. You’ll feel the need to improve yourself quickly so that you can actually attract the type of man you want now.

If you tell yourself that you won’t date until your physical appearance and inner qualities are perfect, you’ll likely take your slow sweet time because there’s no reason to rush.

That cute date you have on Saturday might actually make you want to stick to your diet, whereas if you don’t have a date, you might be tempted into thinking that you have plenty of time. 

Lastly, you want to create an action plan like with anything else in life. Where would your ideal man hangout? What activities would he enjoy doing? What types of people would he hang around? And how can you get in these environments to better improve your chances of meeting your ideal guy?

I want you to take your life into your own hands. You deserve to meet the man that you’ve always dreamt of, but you can’t do that if you’re sitting back and doing nothing.

We all wish the perfect guy would fall out of the sky, but the reality is that if you want something in life, taking action is the best way to get it. 

There are so many older women who are still single because they were waiting for Mr. Right, but never took the time to improve themselves so they could meet him.

Many women want a dream guy who accepts them for who they are, imperfections and all, yet they never ask themselves what they can do to become his dream woman. 

The people who get what they want out of life are the people who take consistent action each day. This means that if you want your Mr. Right, you should be working towards that goal each day.

Each day you should be improving some sort of quality about yourself so that you’re becoming the type of woman who can attract your dream man.

Each day you should be leaving the house looking your best. As I said in another post, you never know when you’ll meet your dream guy, and you should always be prepared.

Many women who end up with their dream guy, didn’t do so by accident. They not only made sure that they looked the part, but they also put themselves in his line of sight.

They hung out in areas where their ideal guy would be. They behaved in a classy and feminine way. They knew what he would be looking for in a woman, and because they were constantly improving themselves, they had those qualities when they met him.

Whether you bump into Mr. Right intentionally, or by accident, you should be prepared for it. You should be putting yourself out there. You should be mingling with new people.

You should be doing everything buy sitting at home and waiting for him to knock on your door.

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