5 Fashion Trends Classy Ladies Avoid

5 Fashion Trends Classy Ladies Avoid

There are quite a few fashion trends that have popped up over the years. Some of which don’t fit the aesthetic of a classy lady.
People do judge a book by it’s cover, and if you want people, especially men, to view you as a classy lady, then here are 5 fashion trends all classy ladies should avoid.

1. Don’t wear leggings

I know that they can be comfortable, and with yoga being popular, lots of women love wearing them. It’s fine to wear them to yoga, but a classy lady should avoid wearing leggings as regular outfits. Don’t wear them to replace actual pants.

Leggings tend to reveal every lump, bump, and asset a woman has. They don’t leave much to the imagination, as they tend to fit like a second layer of skin on a woman’s body. 

Instead: Wear dress pants or skirts. Both can be very comfortable if you buy the right size, and they’ll instantly make you look like a classy woman.

2. Don’t wear jeans

I’ve seen some women make jeans look pretty classy. But let’s just play out this scenario: Imagine a woman walks in with a beautiful red, fitted blouse, and a nice pair of fitted jeans. Her hair and makeup look beautiful, and she wears a cute pair of heels to top it off.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “That would be both classy and feminine, what’s wrong with that?”

Well nothing is wrong with it.

But imagine if another woman walks in with the exact same look. Her hair and makeup is flawless. She has on a nice pair of heals.

There is only one difference. Instead of a red blouse and fitted jeans, she opted for a fitted red dress, or the same red blouse with a beautiful skirt – showing off her gorgeous legs.

Now which girl do you think would turn more heads? Men, especially of great quality, love feminine women. And with so many women now wearing jeans, the woman in the cute skirt or dress will always stand out.

So, instead: Wear a dress or cute skirt to replace those jeans.

3. Don’t wear t-shirts

I see a lot of women leaving the house  wearing t-shirts, or even t-shirt dresses. Both should be avoided as a classy lady. Firstly, t-shirt dresses are very loosely fitted, and look very dressed down.

And in both cases, it makes you look like you just rolled out of bed, and put in zero effort, even if putting on a nice dress takes the same amount of time.

Instead: Wear a beautiful dress that is both classy and feminine. It doesn’t have to be tight, but it should show off some of your curves. 

4. Don’t wear workout clothes

I see a lot of women wearing fitness clothes for everyday wear. Please avoid doing this unless you’re a fitness trainer, and it’s how you draw in more clients.

Fitness clothes are meant for when you are actually doing fitness, and that’s it. If you want to stand out as a classy, feminine woman, then don’t wear workout clothes outside of the gymm or your morning jog.

Instead: Wear dress pants, and a blouse. These can be comfortable if you choose the right fit. 

5. Don’t wear tennis shoes

This is a big no no when trying to appear as a classy woman. Tennis shoes aren’t feminine at all, and instantly bring down any outfit. I’ve seen women in beautiful dresses or skirts, and then I look down to see bulky tennis shoes that ruin the entire outfit.

I know it’s trendy, and more importantly, comfortable, but don’t do it. Most men will find the woman in heels more attractive and seductive, than the woman in tennis shoes.

Instead: If you’re desperate for comfortable shoes, then wear kitten heels, sandles, or even flats that have some cushion. Most classy women wear heels, but any of the other shoes mentioned are still classy and feminine, depending on the style that you select.

In most cases,

I just advise women to wear dresses or skirts if they’re trying to appear as a classy lady. Dresses, specifically, are very easy to put on. You dont have to worry about finding a top or bottom to match them with, and you can easily slip into them. They also make you look instantly more feminine without much effort.

I mostly reccomend dress pants paired with a feminine top to women who aren’t used to dressing feminine at all, and aren’t yet comfortable in a dress or skirt.

This look can make you appear as a classy, high value woman, while still allowing you to be comfortable. However, if I had to choose between a dress and a pair of pants, I’d always choose the dress.