The 7 Rules to Dating a Rich Man: The Complete Guide

The 7 Rules to Dating a Rich Man: The Complete Guide

Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t have to look like a super model in order to attract a rich man. You just have to understand what they find attractive, both physically and mentally, and then become that.

Whether you’re searching for advice on how to marry a rich man, or how to make a rich man your boyfriend who spoils you, it is totally possible for you to achieve.

Every woman deserves to live the life of her dreams, which is why I’ve recently created this blog. I’m tired of seeing women be desperate enough to accept low level behavior from men. I’m tired of seeing young, beautiful, women working at stressful or low-paying jobs when they could easily get a man to do it for them for free.

I once heard a man tell me that if he was a woman, he’d be rich. He’s not the first man to say this. Men know the power that women hold. You could get a man to do anything that you want, just because you’re a woman. 

The problem is that some women have gotten the roles reversed. They’ve started accepting crappy behavior from men. They let men take them to coffee dates, they pay 50/50 on all of the bills, they clean the house, they work, they usually take more responsibility for the kids (even if they have a job), and on top of doing all of this work, they give the guy free sex because they are in a relationship.

Why are women accepting this sort of behavior from men? You don’t have to do this, and you shouldn’t do this. When you marry a wealthy man, you get to live the lifestyle that you want to. The bills are taken care of so you don’t have to stress. You can hire cleaning services, nanny’s when needed, get taken out to fancy places, and he has actually earned being intimate with you. You get to spend your free time on the activities that you want to. 

I’ve done a lot of research and studying of wealthy men and the women that they choose. These women look a certain way, they dress a certain way, and they behave a certain way. They repel most low-quality men, while the wealthy men flock to them like bees to honey. These women just carry themselves differently.

The problem is that there are a lot of women out there who’ve been fed false information on what rich men find attractive. And believe me, it’s very different from what your average Joe wants. You can’t use the same tactics on wealthy men that you do on regular men. It just doesn’t work.

More women need to know the secrets that actually work when trying to marry a rich man. Even if you’re really young, and marriage isn’t your goal, you can still reap the benefits of having a wealthy man as your temporary boyfriend. The knowledge, experiences, networking opportunities, and financial gains would be extortionary for your life.

This is why I created my own bookThe 7 Rules of Dating Rich Men: Learn How to Attract AND Marry The Rich Man Who Will Love And Spoil You Forever.

This is an all-inclusive guide to becoming the woman that rich men chase and marry.

My new book is a well-researched guide to getting the rich man you’ve always desired. I won’t sugar coat in this book to make you feel better about yourself. I will just be completely honest, and give you the step-by-step formula to dating and marrying rich men.
Now is the time to start learning how to date rich and level up your life.

Here’s a breakdown of what you will learn in my book:

Why ALL women should date and marry rich. 
– You deserve to marry a rich man, and in this chapter I’ll cover why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

The REAL reason dressing sexy or classy never work on wealthy men.
– Many women debate about which style of dressing works best on men of means. I’ve seen women try both, but in this lesson you’ll learn why both don’t work, and which way is actually going to get you real results.

The exact look and style that will get a wealthy men to approach.
– This chapter goes into great detail on hair, makeup, and clothing that will not only help you to attract the gaze of wealthy men, but also get them to approach. It may not be what you think, but it works like a charm.

The actual way to find wealthy men in your town (Budget friendly).
– Not everyone can afford to go to luxury events, and partake in expensive hobbies to meet wealthy men. In this chapter, I give you real places for meeting wealthy men in your town that won’t cost you much.

How to really upgrade your friends to meet the men you want.
– Your friends can be crucial allies in helping you meet the wealthy man of your dreams. You’ll discover why and how to meet these friends effectively.

So you’ve caught his attention… Now what? Make him beg to be your boyfriend.
– I give you the real ways to get a wealthy man to chase after you. And despite what you may think, playing hard to get isn’t enough. In fact, you’re probably going about it the wrong way. This lesson will teach you the step-by-step guide on how to make him beg to be your boyfriend, starting from the first date.

Why nice girls are boring – And how to TRULY get the ring.
– Once you’ve got him to be exclusive, your job is not done. Now it’s time to keep him chasing you while you’re still in the relationship. This lesson will give you the full details on how to get him to propose, sooner rather than later.

The punishment technique that will keep him on his toes.
– Once a man gets comfortable in the relationship, he gets bored. Learn the powerful technique that will always keep him on his toes so that he never gets bored of you, or misbehaves. I’ll give you a hint: It doesn’t include nagging.

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Plus Extra Bonus Material Like

Crucial dating tips for meeting wealthy men online and maintaining a long distance relationship.
– Get this amazing bonus chapter on how to improve your online dating profile to meet wealthy men. You’ll learn exactly what they look for in a woman when dating online.

Rules on how to crush dating wealthy men as a college student.
– Learn the rules for a college girl who wants to upgrade her romantic relationships, and her lifestyle. You will also discover why helping a man build his career ultimately leads to failure, and what it means to be a placeholder girlfriend vs his dream woman.

This is the book that will change your dating life forever.

Some of the things in this book have been briefly discussed on this very blog, but are further developed in the book, while other things are completely new.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity that could change your life forever. You don’t have to keep struggling with bad suitors, or to pay the bills, or to enjoy life. You could be vacationing in Italy right now, enjoying the sun, and relaxing with your new rich husband or boyfriend. 

Sometimes you have to invest a little into yourself before you can reach your true potential in life. Why not take the time to invest in yourself and your future? It’s a one-time fee, yet you’ll gain lifetime knowledge.

No more sitting back and just accepting what life throws at you. Go out and create the life that you’ve always dreamed for yourself. It’s possible for you, and I’ve seen it become possible for hundreds of other women too.

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