There’s no such thing as an ugly woman.

There’s no such thing as an ugly woman

As the quote by Helena Rubinstein goes, “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”

The truth is, any woman can be pretty if she puts in the effort. If your goal is to attract a quality man into your life, then grooming yourself into looking like a classy, beautiful woman is absolutely possible for you.

Classy ladies put in the time to take care of their physical appearance. 

Do you:

– Wear makeup that emphasizes your best features?
– Take care of your skin so that it is clear and smooth?
– Keep your hair clean and styled in a way that flatters your face shape?
– Wear flattering clothes and shoes that make you appear feminine and classy?
– Exercise and eat healthy to keep a healthy weight and a nice figure?

Do you put in the effort to make sure that all of these things are done on a daily basis?

There’s no way that a woman can be ugly if she is practicing self-care, and making sure that her best features are shown to the world.

The problem is that some women are lazy, and then complain when other women are getting more attention and dating prospects than them. Is it fair that you have to put in all of this work to look pretty? Maybe not, but it’s reality. 

Attractive people get treated better, whether we like it or not. And let me tell you this – a woman who is well put together with a kick of confidence, is extremely attractive.

Now, obviously there is more to a pretty woman than just her physical appearance, but that’ll be a topic for another day. 

Some women prefer to not wear makeup, but I think it’s essential when trying to attract a quality man into your life. A woman with zero makeup on will have a hard time competing with a woman who has a dolled up face.

Pretty people attract gazes, and when dating, that is exactly what you want.

A tinted moisturizer or light foundation is always better than nothing at all. It’s like adding paint to a house that is dull and has chipped paint. Sure the house is nice either way, but no one would deny that the paint helped to add a more clean, beautiful appearance.

If you have plump lips, wear lipstick (especially red), and the men will definitely take notice. If you have big eyes, wear eye makeup that let’s those beauties shine.

Keep your brows groomed, and fill them in with color if necessary. Wear mascara to bring out your lovely lashes. Use concealer to hide any dark spots. A bit of blush that goes well with your skin tone is a nice added touch.

Everything else, such as contour, bronzer, and highlighter isn’t necessary, but if it makes you look good, have at it. 

I won’t go into too much detail about skin in this post, but clear skin is absolutely necessary for a beautiful makeup look. It allows everything to go on smoothly.

Find a beauty routine for both morning and night, that will help to keep your skin healthy and clear. If you have any skin problems that won’t go away, visit a dermatologist, and they can help you find a solution. 

This next one should go without saying, but keep your hair clean at all times. It should always smell good, as you never know who will get a whiff of it as you pass by or stand next to someone.

You also want to make sure that your hair is always styled in a way that is flattering to your face shape and features.

Try out different styles, and see which ones get you the most compliments and stares, especially from men. Medium to long hair is always recommended. It’s what most men like, and it also makes you appear younger. I’ve never met a woman who looks bad with long hair, however I can’t say the same for shorter lengths. Of course, there are exceptions to all of these rules, so take it with a grain of salt.

Wear clothing that is flattering to your figure. The clothing should also be feminine, as a dress and heels will always be more attractive than jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes.

If you are dressed like every other woman walking down the street in workout clothes, sweatpants, yoga pants, and jeans, then you can’t get upset when the guy you want doesn’t notice you.

Find dresses, skirts, and blouses that hug your curves, and that show off your wonderful figure. Every woman’s body type looks beautiful in a certain style. You can usually have stylist in the store help you if you have trouble finding what works for you.

Also test out what colors work well with your skin tone. There are certain colors that get me a ton of compliments, while others don’t.

I won’t go into too much detail about health in this post either, but it’s important to take care of your figure. You should be at a healthy weight for you height and body type.

Focus on exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and a nice body. Eat clean foods, because your diet makes up the majority of your weight, believe it or not.

None of these things require perfection, so don’t beat yourself up if you slip up at times. It’s just about putting in the effort to create a healthy lifestyle, and look your best.

Every woman can be pretty if she puts in the effort.  It’s not about being ugly, it’s about being lazy.

If you’re not doing the things listed above, then you can’t complain about quality men not wanting you.

Men of means have options, and you must look the part to catch their eye, but act the part to keep them.

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